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Champions League Final Test

The Champions League final was electrifying, and for Fans' Heart, it was a perfect test for our app. Everything worked flawlessly, capturing fans' intense passion. Real Madrid won, but Borussia fans showed the most heart, with metrics like 100 bpm heart rates and 11.719 heart points.

This successful test proved our app's capability, and we look forward to more exciting updates. Thank you to all the fans who made this night unforgettable!

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Who Had the Biggest Heart at EURO 24?

As EURO 24 concluded, the Fans’ Heart app tracked fan passion across 17 matches. Slovenian fans led with 12,081 heart points against Portugal. The Belgium-France match saw BPM peak at 187, showcasing intense emotions. Fan MVP Charles Dej Goll set a new engagement record with 116,228 heart points over eight matches. With 1,280 participants and 9 million heartbeats recorded, the app highlighted football's unifying power.

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Championship of Fans

Fans’ Heart successfully tested its app in the Slovenian First League Telemach, measuring 60 fans' passion over six matches. NŠ Mura supporters led with 9,528 heart points per match and 407 heart attack moments. Maribor fans came second, and an Olimpija fan hit a record 188 bpm. The app captured real-time passion across Slovenia and Europe.

Thank you to all dedicated fans for your support. We eagerly look forward to further tests in European leagues.

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is It?

Fans' Heart is the cheering app that unites the hearts of football fans around the world at the moment of the match in real time, measuring and comparing their fanatical passion - creating value for all stakeholders in the sport.

it works?

Fans' Heart is a “football passion detector” that measures and merges the heartbeats of fans worldwide watching the same game. It compares the passion of rival teams' fans, with those collecting more heartbeats winning. This creates the Championship of Fans, a global competition uniting millions.

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Why is interesting?

Fans become part of the game -  their passion is measured and rewarded. Sports organizations and brands gain a inovative tool to activate and monetize their global fan base through real-time engagement, connecting directly with fans at the peak of their passion and loyalty.

What's Next
What's next?

Ongoing Testing

We'll keep testing Fans' Heart at major events for valuable feedback.

Strategic Partnerships

We're excited to connect with sports organizations, sponsors, and media to boost fan engagement and loyalty.

Championship of Fans

We're refining the app and creating engaging content for a better fan experience.

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